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Wasps tend to be a familiar stinging insect in the Irvine area and one most are not really that partial to, but would rather have over more severe stinging insects. The look of a wasp will depend on the kind it is but many have got two pair of wings and squeezed waists.

wasp control irvine ca

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Similar to bees, some wasps are social and live in colonies, filled with anywhere from 100s to 1000s of wasps. Females are in charge of duties within the nest and care for the offspring. Solitary wasps in fact don’t need a colony because they prefer to live on their own and also produce offspring; however they don’t stay with them in the meantime.

You can find both parasitic and predatory wasps in the Irvine area. Aggressive wasps aren’t always an undesirable pest as they will eat the various other pests in the area so as to give food to their larvae. Parasitic do lay eggs but not inside the nest; they will lay their eggs inside a spider or caterpillar where the larvae will have continuous nourishment via the surviving host.

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Never assume all wasps are aggressive but the ones that are can really seriously hurt when they sting a person. Even so, wasps do have the ability to sting many times, not just once, if provoked. Wasps are a benefit towards the environment for the act of preying on many other bugs that demolish landscaping plant life and vegetation.

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