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Ticks belong in the Family Ixodidae and may vary in color determined by their type. The usual size of a tick is 1 cm long for a mature tick and larvae below 1 mm in length. Irvine has an assortment of prevalent tick species such as the deer tick and American dog tick.

tick control irvine ca

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The landscape of your own home may also depict any potential tick issues; it is common to discover them infiltrating lawns and buildings in the area in the proximity of dense wooded areas or tremendously vegetated regions. Distinct tick varieties require a certain amount of dampness in order to survive, in addition to blood for nutrition; either through critters or humans.

Ticks experience a four-stage life-cycle – (1) egg, (2) larvae, (3) nymph and (4) adult. They begin with half a dozen legs during the larvae cycle and then have 8 legs throughout the very last stages. In spite of the life-cycle phase, they require blood to survive. Ticks that can carry around particular disease-causing pathogens and microorganisms can actually be passed on to the host.

Ticks Treatment

You certainly will know if ticks are entering your home when you start observing them. For those who have pets and see ticks on them, you likely have ticks all over your home or at least the areas your furry friend frequents. Many people who experience bites from the ticks might possibly have serious side effects which are often treated by a doctor.

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