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mosquito control irvine ca

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Mosquitoes lead to more deaths than any other pest. If you also take into consideration the fact that the mosquitoes in Irvine are now used to the urban conditions then you can see why we’re concerned. Our mosquito control Irvine professionals make it our top priority when it comes to keeping you and your property protected from unwanted pests.

Mosquito Treatment

While exterminators can have a significant impact the mosquito population in an area, they’re not able to ensure that there will be no further mosquito threat. With our mosquito control services, it is our top priority to reduce the mosquito population in your vicinity by 85%. We understand that our customers would like to get rid of their mosquito problems completely, but a pest control company just can’t promise that.

After you call one of our Irvine mosquito control professionals we’ll come to inspect your home or business. From the inspection we will work to identify the type of mosquito and the source.

We’ve had the most success when we’re able to attack the mosquito population at the adult and the larva stages. If you’re worried about the mosquito population near your home or business then call our mosquito control Irvine professionals immediately.

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