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You will find a few varieties of millipedes that are frequently present in Irvine, California but will be brownish and two and a half to 4 cm long. You’ll be able to distinguish them by noticing their 2 segments and 2 pairs of legs.

These small pests will lay offspring in the earth and take two years to become totally mature and also have a fairly good life span of a number of years.

More To Do With Millipedes

It’s not abnormal to find a millipede both in and out of your home. Indoors they normally frequent damp spaces and outside they are discovered in home gardens and flowerbeds. If there is thick mulch surrounding your property or piled-up dead plants you will probably have some beneath. If the soil is damp they’re going to enjoy that area. They feed upon decaying timber and leaves.

millipede control irvine ca

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Millipedes begin migrating in the fall, coming out from the habitat they’ve enjoyed the previous several months. Even though scientists believe the millipedes are getting ready for winter, migrating millipedes have actually been observed any time their home becomes flooded by significant rains. During this period it’s not uncommon to find them inside your house.

Protecting Against Millipedes

Should the millipedes find your property, the patio or porch is likely to be their first selection for shelter. Sorry to say, they don’t stop there. As soon as they have invaded your patio or deck, they will climb across the exterior, searching for a way inside the house which is usually a little hole you have not acknowledged. Nevertheless, you will need to check the seals on your windows and doors, doors on your garage, air vents, crawl space access and lower level entries. If the basement or another storage room or space is filled with cardboard boxes and other items, clean routinely to prevent millipedes from taking shelter underneath your items and/or furnishings.

Millipede Tips For Prevention

Assess your outside landscape and remove any unnecessary compost. Make sure that a six inch gap is between your concrete foundation and any flowers or shrubs. This includes removing any and all grass, mulch and dead foliage right against the property’s exterior.
Assess every one of the screens in your house. It’s important that crawl space and attic screens are in place and not damaged. The access door should shut tightly and firmly, allowing for no space for unwelcome pests to get in; mainly because they will when they can.
Examine and remove and replace (if required) the exterior doors’ weather stripping. If you do not have weather strip protection or it is worn out the invaders could easily enter and so it needs to be fixed.

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